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Split System Air Conditioners: How Do They Work?

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Considering installing an air conditioning unit in your home? Many people are aware of the big air conditioning units typically seen outside of homes, but there is another built-in option: a split system air conditioner. Also known as a ductless air conditioner, split system air conditioners consist of two components, one inside and one outside of the home. With no need for ductwork, these split systems are a great option for homes that rely on floorboard heat or radiators.   

Two-Unit System

A split system air conditioner sometimes referred to as a mini-split system, consists of two separate parts. The outside unit contains a condenser/compressor that connects to the indoor unit through a small copper line, typically encased in plastic. The indoor unit consists of an air handler, evaporator coils, and a blower. For energy efficiency, homes that rely on split air conditioning systems may have multiple indoor units, making it easier to regulate the temperature in different spaces of their homes.

How it Works

Split system air conditioning units are closed systems, working in a loop to cool air and evaporate the liquid found in humid summer air. The outside compressor applies pressure to the refrigerant in the lines connected to the indoor unit. This pressure cools the refrigerant and sends it through the lines to the indoor unit. The refrigerant is then used to cool the evaporator coils. Air from within the home is then pulled into the system. The air that passes through the system is cooled by the evaporator coils and pushed out into the home via the blower. The indoor unit has a thermostat that connects with the outdoor unit, telling it when the desired temperature has been reached.



Split system air conditioners are ductless, offering homes that are not equipped with duct-style heating to install air conditioning in their home. These systems also work well in spaces where ductwork has not been run, such as an attic or an unfinished basement.

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Some may be concerned about the effectiveness of a mini-split system, noting its size compared to the larger outdoor-only units. There is no need to worry, a typical split system air conditioner can sufficiently cool an average-sized house. These systems are more effective than a window or portable unit, which tend to cool a minimal amount of square footage and not an entire home.

Energy Efficient

With the ability to have multiple indoor units placed throughout the home, mini-split systems allow homeowners to cool smaller spaces of their homes, reducing the energy used in comparison to cooling an entire home.

Split Air Conditioning Installation

Once installed, a split air conditioning unit is relatively easy to maintain. But the installation of this type of unit requires a professional installer familiar with ductless air conditioning installation. Let the team at ServiceMark help bring you the comfort you deserve. Our expert heating and cooling technicians are held to the highest standards. And, by completing more than 100 hours of training each year, you can rest assured knowing they are up to date on the latest technologies.

The HVAC experts at ServiceMark are knowledgeable about split system air conditioners!

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