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From washing dishes to showering, having heated water is one luxury we’d rather not live without. When your water heater has an issue, finding and fixing the problem quickly is important to maintaining comfort in your household. Whether you have an electric, gas or oil-fired water heater ServiceMark can help! 

It’s ideal to have your water heater inspected by a professional yearly to ensure optimal performance and make sure there are no leaks or fire hazards. Have questions about your water heater? We can help.

Since 1951, ServiceMark has been committed to your comfort. Our team’s continued education guarantees you receive the most up-to-date water heater repair or replacement services. We proudly serve families across 12 counties in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. View all of our plumbing services!

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Water Heater FAQs

  • Why is my water heater leaking?
    • Most likely, you have a crack or there is a leak at a fitting or connection on the water heater. Read more about what to do when your water heater is leaking here.
  • Why won’t my pilot light?
    • You may have a faulty part in your water heater, or a bad thermocouple.
  • Should I clean my water heater?
    • Periodically flush your water heater in order to clean sediment from the tank and avoid erosion. We recommend flushing it once a year.
  • Why is my water heater not getting hot?
    • Your water heater may not be getting hot for a host of reasons, including it being too small, a build up of sediment, or you may need the thermocouple replaced in the unit.

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Is It Time for a Water Heater Replacement or Repair?

When a water heater stops working, life can become uncomfortable. Knowing how to resolve the problem and get the water heater back up and running quickly can mean the difference between a warm shower or a cold one. But how do you know if you’re looking at a simple repair or a total replacement? Below are a few common water heater issues and what may be your best bet for resolving the issue: 


Not Heating

If cold water is flowing even when the hot water tap is turned on, the pilot light on your gas water heater may have gone out. This can happen occasionally and can be a quick fix. If relighting the pilot doesn’t work, there may be an issue with the gas line. Never attempt to fix a gas issue on your own. Call a professional for help with gas line issues.


Strange Noises

Popping noises from your water heater may indicate a build-up of minerals and sediment at the bottom of the water heater. Over time this sediment build-up can trap water causing pressure to build. To decrease the chances of sediment build-up, flushing the system at least once a year is recommended. ServiceMark’s water heater maintenance technicians are available to flush your unit and remove the sediment causing these noises. 



A leaking water heater needs immediate attention. Calling a certified technician as soon as a leak is spotted can help you avoid a bigger mess. Although not always the case, a leaking water heater typically means it’s time for a replacement.



Water heaters don’t last forever. The average lifespan of a gas water heater is 10-15 years, even with diligent maintenance. If your water heater is more than ten years old or you’re experiencing any of the issues listed above, contact your trusted ServiceMark repair team today. 


Extend The Life of Your Water Heater 

Water heaters are an investment. Proper maintenance will ensure your investment lasts. Extend the life of your water heater by flushing it at least once a year. This flush will remove the sediment that has built up and lower the risk of corroding and rusting. 

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