WATER HEATER | Service Mark Solutions


Stand Alone
Water Heater
Gas Valve Check
Main Burner Check
Limit Control Check
Pilot Burner Check
Drain Valves Check
Flame Spreader Check
Thermostat Controls Check
Manifold Check
Pressure & Temperature Relief Check
Heating Element Check
Draft Hoods Check
Vent Connector Check
Vent Damper Check
Appliance Regulators Check
Ignition Devices Check
Safety Pilots Check
Thermocouples Check
Transformer Check
(well type only)
Factory Wiring
(Power vent only)


Parts not covered:
Tank, seasonal turn ons & turn offs, direct vent intake & exhaust lines, anodes, draining & cleaning tank, water lines-inlet & outlet, water pressure control devices, thermal expansion tanks, water shut off valves, drain pans and piping, dip tubes, circulating piping and pumps, tempering valves and power vent/inducer fans.

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