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5 Types of HVAC Air Filters: Advantages & Disadvantages

Air FilterLike any mechanical system, having your HVAC system (Heating- Ventilation- Air Conditioning) routinely serviced will pay dividends in the long run. A proper annual “tune up” will also satisfy and keep in place the manufacture’s equipment warranty. Much like changing the motor oil in your automobile, per the auto manufacturers recommendations, it’s important to continuously replace your HVAC filters and complete annual maintenance services to check up on your furnace and air conditioner to protect the components in these two systems.

The most important thing a homeowner can do, besides calling and scheduling the annual HVAC equipment tune-up, is to change the system’s air filter on a monthly basis especially if it is a fiberglass type of air filter. To help you determine when it’s time to replace your filter, we have compiled a list of different types of filters and the advantages of each.

Central HVAC Air Filters

Keeping the dust and dirt out is all-important to your AC system’s ability to work effectively on a day to day basis. Clean HVAC air filters allow your air conditioner (or heating system) to run more efficiently, which will save you money on monthly energy bills and help you avoid costly repairs or pre-mature system replacement.

Plus, a clean furnace filter promotes a cleaner living environment by improving your home’s air quality. You’ll want to replace your air conditioning filters, or clean reusable filters at least four times a year and as often as every month during high usage times. Remember, with HVAC filters you get what you pay for, so make sure that you purchase one that will provide you the most benefits.

Air FilterDisposable Fiberglass Air Filters

Disposable fiberglass filters are the least expensive and the least effective. This type of HVAC filter is designed to block only large dust particles. However, smaller particles such as pollen and mold can pass through and enter your home

Washable “Electrostatic” Filters

Electrostatic HVAC filters have a static charge that attracts dust, dirt and other matter. These filters are slightly more effective than disposable filters but still do not block the smaller particles. Electrostatic furnace filters need to be cleaned or replaced on a monthly basis to maintain high-quality air in your home.

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Pleated “Allergy” Air Filters

Pleated HVAC air filters use a much denser mesh material to trap and eliminate large allergens such as pollen and mold—most are 35 to 50% efficient. Pleated furnace filters should be washed every 3 months to ensure proper filtration.

Electronic Air Cleaners & Filters

Electric air cleaners or purification systems create an ionized electrical field that “magnetizes” pollutant particles, eliminating virtually all pollen and mold spores, up to 94% of smaller particles and up to 80% of airborne viruses.


Air FilterHEPA Furnace Filters

HEPA air filters are the “gold standard.” These HVAC air filters are used in commercial applications like hospitals, electronics manufacturing sites and sometimes in homes where there are serious allergy problems. These top of the line furnace air filters are used where clean air is vital!

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