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When was the last time you checked your heating system? Whether you’ve recently purchased a new home, or are anticipating a change in season, now is a great time to have your heating system inspected and updated. Our trusted team of certified technicians offers furnace tune-up and cleaning services to households in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Give our staff a call by phone at (302) 367-7915 to schedule a maintenance service for your oil or gas furnace. At ServiceMark, we have a trusted team of certified technicians ready to provide you with on-time service and up-front pricing.



Our heater tune-up is 100% GUARANTEED! If any repairs are needed during the fall or winter season, we’ll REFUND the full cost of the tune-up.


Lubricate the parts to eliminate friction in the motors, fans, and bearings
Sanitize the pilot light and electrodes
Inspect the voltage ratings of the motor
Inspect the wires for deterioration
Check for toxic carbon monoxide leaks
Analyze the exhaust flues to ensure gas is circulated safely
Monitor the gas valve to confirm it’s opening and closing correctly
Remove dirt and debris from the blower motor to enhance airflow
Check the pressure regulator
Replace the contaminated air filter
Analyze the belt of the blower motor to confirm if it’s damaged


Only takes 1 hour
Only need to do it 1 a year
It will save you THOUSANDS on unnecessary repairs
Heater will last longer
Run more efficiently
Lower energy bills
Keep your home more comfortable
100% Money-Back Guarantee

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Furnace-Tune-Up Services With a Money Back Guarantee

Our heating and furnace tune-up services are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, giving you peace of mind. If your furnace or heat pump breaks for any reason following an appointment, we’ll give you a refund for the cost of your service. We offer superior furnace tune-up services in areas such as Newton Square, Denton, Newark, Upper Darby, Elkton, and Ardmore. You can count on our team of trusted heating technicians to provide timely heating services. We are committed to keeping your household comfortable during the winter season. If your heating system requires maintenance, give our team a call by phone at (302) 367-7915 to schedule an appointment.

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9 Important Steps of a Furnace Tune-Up

man replacing HVAC filterAnalyze the Flame Sensor

The flame sensor in your furnace is engineered to detect flames that are produced by an electric ignitor or a standing pilot light. If the sensor does not sense flames, it will distribute an electrical signal to close the gas valve to prevent a toxic gas leak in your house. Our furnace tune-up and cleaning services include an inspection of the flame sensor. Our team of licensed technicians will connect a multimeter to the flame sensor it is operating correctly. If the multimeter generates a value that varies from 1.5 to 4 uA, this is a sign that your flame sensor is clean. Other types of electric systems in furnaces are designed to operate below 1.5 uA.

When the flame sensor produces a connection that is less than 1.5 uA, our certified technicians will clean or replace it to ensure your furnace is safe to operate. If the sensor creates a connection that is below 1.5 uA, it will not be able to properly detect and monitor the flames in your furnace. We offer reliable furnace tune-up services to homes in areas such as Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Give our staff a call by phone at (302) 367-7915 to create an appointment. Our team has the tools and parts necessary to fix, remove, and replace damaged flame sensors.

Remove Items in the Drain Pipe

Energy-efficient furnaces are integrated with a drainage pipe and P-trap that are designed to flush excess moisture that is produced while the system is running. It is not abnormal to encounter issues with the pressure switch when the furnace operates for long periods of time during the winter season. We offer trustworthy furnace repair and tune-up services for clogged drain pipes in areas such as Upper Darby, Easton, and Dover. To prevent damage to internal parts and components, our team of certified technicians will remove dirt and debris from the drain pipes, pressure lines, and P-trap.

Inspect the Combustion Chamber

Our team will integrate an electric combustion inspection tool to your furnace to inspect and monitor the CO levels. We will activate your furnace and allow it to operate for 60 seconds. Once your furnace has been operating for a minute, our technicians will check to confirm the CO ratings vary from 100 to 400 ppm. If you have a high-efficiency gas furnace, the CO ratings will range from 100 to 1,000 ppm. When the CO ratings of a furnace are confirmed, the next step of a furnace tune-up service is to monitor the furnace for 3 to 5 minutes to confirm the concentration of CO starts to decrease.

Once the furnace has been running for 5 minutes, we will analyze the electric inspection tool to confirm the CO level has decreased to a value less than 100 ppm. If our certified contractors discover that the CO ratings start to increase during the heating cycle, we will perform a furnace tune-up and inspect the gas valve, heat exchanger, and gas burners to determine the source of the problem. Give our staff a call at (302) 367-7915 to become familiar with our fast and safe furnace services.


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servicemark repairCheck the Heat Exchanger for Cracks, Holes, & Damage

The heat exchanger in your furnace is designed to transfer heat energy to the incoming cold air that is delivered by the return air ducts that are connected to the system. Once the cold air arrives at the furnace, it is circulated to the pipes of the heat exchanger. As the air is dispersed above the heat exchanger, it will absorb heat that is released by the exterior walls of the component. The heat exchanger is engineered to transfer heat and safely dispose of toxic natural gas. Once this part reaches the middle of its life cycle, it is not uncommon to encounter furnace tune-up issues such as cracks and holes in your heat exchanger.

If the cracks are not fixed by a certified furnace service, toxic gas will start to leak into the air in your home. To protect your family from gas poisoning, our team will perform a visual inspection of the heat exchanger to confirm if there are cracks or damage. In addition, our staff may utilize a miniature camera to detect miniscule cracks in the component. We offer furnace tune-up and cleaning services for dirty gas burners and broken heat exchangers in locations such as Newark, Ardmore, Elkton, and Drexel Hill. If we discover holes or cracks in the heat exchanger, our team will remove the component and replace it to restore the distribution of warm air in your house. We will also inspect the gas exhaust pipes in your furnace to ensure there are no rust or cracks.

Analyze the Ignitor or Pilot Light

The electric ignitor or standing pilot light in a gas furnace is designed to ignite natural gas. As the gas is ignited, the furnace will produce a sufficient amount of heat energy to increase the temperature of the air in your house. In order for a furnace to produce warm air, the gas needs to be ignited at the correct time and with the correct pressure. Our staff of HVAC technicians offer furnace tune-up and cleaning services to homes in your area. We will inspect the electric ignitor in your furnace to confirm it’s operating safely.

Monitor the Blower Assembly

The blower motor in a furnace is engineered to collect cold air from each room in your house through a network of return air ducts. To prevent damage to parts, the motor will need to be lubricated each year to eliminate friction and pressure. When our team of certified technicians arrives at your house to perform furnace tune-up services, we will operate the blower motor for 5 to 7 minutes to monitor its performance. Activating the blower motor makes it easier for our technicians to discover, analyze, and resolve issues.


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ThermostatSet the Thermostat

We will calibrate the settings on your programmable thermostat to confirm it’s distributing electrical signals to your gas furnace. If your furnace is not turning on, this is a sign of damage to the wires that connect your thermostat to your furnace. Our team will inspect the wires that are connected to the control board on your furnace. Next, we will help you set a heating and air conditioning schedule for each day of the week on your thermostat to help you save money on your utility bills.

Check the Gas Pressure

If your gas pressure is too low, the ignitor or pilot light will not be able to produce an optimal amount of flames to heat your home. The gas pressure in a furnace will vary from 3.2 to 3.8 in. wc manifold depending on the model. Once our team arrives at your property, we will measure the gas pressure to confirm it’s not too high or low. We offer reliable furnace tune-up services in locations such as Abington, Easton, Upper Darby, Denton, Ardmore, and Dover. Our team will adjust the gas pressure to increase the efficiency of your furnace.

Test the Power Switch

The power switch for a furnace can be located on the system or on a wall. If you are having trouble turning your furnace on, flip the power switch to the off position. Please leave the switch off for a total of 2 to 5 minutes. Next, flip the switch to the on position and confirm if your furnace is on. Are you still having issues with activating your furnace?

This is a sign of a broken power switch. Prior to calling a licensed contractor to perform a furnace tune-up or cleaning, perform an inspection of the front panel on your furnace to ensure it’s closed. If the access panel is partially open, this can prevent the furnace from turning on. Is the front panel closed on your system? Give our team a call by phone at (302) 367-7915 to become familiar with our furnace tune-up services. We will remove the defective power switch and replace it with a new switch.


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