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While a boiler has a simple job of transforming water into steam,  it’s a relatively complex piece of equipment with a lot of components. With all the controls and safety devices attached, there are multiple points where something can go wrong and require a boiler repair. A good boiler system will last you up to 20 years with regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

Our team offers dependable boiler repair and installation services to homes in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. Once we arrive at your house, we will inspect your boiler for issues that can cause your system to fail. Our team has the equipment and skills necessary to diagnose and resolve issues with your boiler. Give our staff a call at (302) 367-7915 to schedule an appointment.


Most homes are heated with either a boiler or furnace. Both keep your house warm but operate in different ways. Boilers are designed to convert water to steam. Next, the steam is circulated through pipes in the house to heat it. The steam travels to radiators or radiant floor systems to heat different zones of the house as dictated by the thermostat. If you are encountering small to large boiler repair issues, give our staff a call at (302) 367-7915 to talk with a licensed technician. We offer boiler repair and replacement services to help you resolve issues with radiator systems  and pipes. 

While a boiler distributes water and steam to produce warm air, a furnace is engineered to heat air directly and distribute it through a network of air ducts to the living spaces in your home. Furnaces are equipped with a heat exchanger to heat the air and a blower fan to circulate the air. Our team of technicians offers installation and repair services for furnaces and boilers. Talk with an expert on our team to become familiar with the differences between furnaces and boilers.

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7 Common Boiler Problems

Modern boiler systems circulate water through your house to heat it. The loop made in a hydronic system has numerous points along the way where problems can arise that keep your system from working as it should. If you’re experiencing any of these boiler repair problems on a regular basis, it might be time to consider a boiler replacement.

1. Water Leaks Near the Boiler

If you find water on the floor or elsewhere near the boiler, check one of these areas for the cause of the water leak:

• Faulty or leaking circulator or pump seal
• Faulty or leaking pressure-relief valve
• Leaking water pipe connection

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2. The Boiler Is Not Generating Heat

If your boiler isn’t producing any heat, start by checking whether it is getting power. If you don’t have a tripped breaker or blown fuse, start inspecting the system to determine the source of the problem. We offer boiler installation and repair services in Upper Darby, Elkton, Wilmington, and other areas. Once we arrive at your house, we will check your boiler to confirm if the gas burners are igniting correctly. If your boiler is not creating heat energy, the causes of this problem can include a malfunctioning pilot, closed gas or propane control valve, low water level, or a defective thermostat.

3. The Boiler Is Heating the Water Inefficiently

If the water is heating but not very well, you should check for these possible boiler repair problems:

• Incorrect water level
Mineral deposits in the boiler and heat exchanger
• Too much or too little water in the expansion tank

4. A Couple of Radiators Are Not Producing Heat

If you notice most but not all of your radiators are heating up, you should check for these possible causes:

• Trapped air in lines or radiator
• Faulty zone valve
• Faulty circulator

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5. Low Boiler Pressure

Your pressure gauge should be set at 1.5. If the pressure falls below 1, this is a sign of an issue that needs to be resolved by a certified technician. Ordinary types of issues that can negatively impact the pressure in a boiler include a failed seal, system leak, or recently bled radiators. We provide reliable boiler repair and replacement services in locations such as Wilmington, Upper Darby, Elkton, and Drexel Hill and are committed to helping you determine the cause of the low pressure in your system.

6. Frozen Condensate Pipe

When cold weather hits, it can freeze up and block the condensate pipe that leads to an outside drain. Your boiler might have a fault code or warning light on the display to let you know when this happens.

7. Strange Noises

Some noise is normal for a boiler, especially during startup. But unusual gurgling, banging, or whistling sounds are a sign it is time to hire a professional to perform a boiler installation or repair. Strange noises in your boiler can be caused by any of these common problems:

• Air in the system
• Faulty Pump
• Low Water Pressure
• Kettling or Limescale Buildup

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How Does a Boiler Operate?

Your boiler has one job – to transform water into steam.  But whether it’s sending that water through your house in liquid or gas form depends on the function you require at the time. Jets linked to a heat exchanger within your boiler heat up the water, which is then pushed out to your radiators and fixtures by an electric pump.

Keep Your House Warm in the Winter

When used for home heating, the boiler pumps out steam rather than water. Steam is not only easier to pump because it weighs less than water, it also holds heat better. The steam travels through pipes in the walls, baseboards, or floors to supply radiant heat on a closed-loop system. Once the steam cools and converts back to water, it is sent back to the boiler. Since the water’s already warm, it doesn’t take much energy to heat it back to steam and send it through the loop again. 

If your radiator heating system is not producing heat, this is a sign of a problem with your boiler. Our team of certified contractors offers boiler installation and repair services in Ardmore, Elkton, Newark, Upper Darby, and Drexel Hill. We will diagnose the problem and replace damaged parts in your boiler to restore the circulation of steam and heat in your house.

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Provide Warm Water for Showers and Appliances

With a combi boiler, you can also get hot water for use in your home without any additional appliances. It works with two heat exchangers – one connected to the radiators and another to your hot-water supply.

Another option is to add an indirect-fired water heater to the boiler, which sends hot water to a coil that heats the water in that tank. The boiler basically treats the water heater as another zone of the house it needs to heat up. This provides hot water on demand with faster recovery rates than a conventional hot water heater.

Boiler Repair and Replacement Services

If the temperature in your house feels cold, this is a sign it’s time to schedule a technician for a possible boiler repair or installation to ensure it keeps running smoothly. An older boiler might be ready for replacement, which allows you to consider a newer model that heats your water as well. Our technicians are experts and have the tools necessary to eliminate your problems.

We provide trustworthy boiler replacement services in areas such as Laverock, Abington, Elkton, Dover, Wilmington, and Upper Darby.  In addition, our team of certified contractors offers other types of plumbing and HVAC services such as water heater repair, air conditioning installation, furnace repair, and sump pump replacement. Our team has the tools necessary to inspect and resolve issues with your sump pumps, air conditioners, boilers, and other types of systems. Give our staff a call at (302) 367-7915 to receive help with a defective boiler.


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