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If your air conditioning unit fails to generate cool, dry air, it may be hard to find relief from hot summer days. Your comfort is important to our team of technicians. Our certified team has the tools necessary to perform air conditioning repair services and keep your house cold during the warm summer season. We offer air conditioning solutions to homes in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. If your air conditioning unit isn’t working correctly, our team of licensed professionals will perform the necessary repairs and maintenance to restore cold air in your house.

Your system works day and night to cool your house down by removing the warm air and replacing it with cool, humidity-free air. Become familiar with how your air conditioning unit works! Our technicians are courteous experts in quick troubleshooting and complex AC unit repairs. We proudly offer air conditioning repair services to residents across 12 counties in areas such as Drexel Hill, Upper Darby, Wilmington, Easton, and Ardmore. Give our staff of licensed contractors a call by phone at (302) 367-7915 to receive help with a broken air conditioner.

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Take Care of Your AC Unit

Since most of us tend to use our air conditioning units exclusively during the summer months, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of turning them on before the hot weather hits. This way, if any issues arise, they can be addressed before your home becomes too uncomfortable to bear. 

Your air conditioner is assembled with many different parts and components, including a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator. Our team of certified contractors have the tools necessary to perform air conditioning repair services and keep your house cold during the summer season. Your system works to cool your house down by removing the warm air from your home and replacing it with cool air through the evaporator. Learn more about how your air conditioning unit works!

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Top Signs It’s Time to Schedule An Air Conditioning Repair With a Professional

Warm Air

An air conditioner’s number one job is to cool the house down. If warm air is coming out of the vents when your AC unit is running, it’s time to call for help. Warm air could mean a blown fuse or a refrigerant leak. No matter the issue, get your air conditioning unit checked out.

More Humid

Does the air in your home feel heavy and humid, even when the air conditioning unit is running? Your AC unit should moderate humidity levels to maintain the moisture in the air at a comfortable level. If this is not the case, call for service.

Strange Odors

Do you notice a strange smell when you turn on your AC unit? Contact a service provider to perform an air conditioning repair before the odor becomes worse. They’ll check your outside unit as well as vents and ductwork to diagnose the issue. A simple cleaning may be all that is required to get your system back to normal.

Frequent Cycles

Although it may run more on hotter days, your air conditioner shouldn’t constantly cycle on and off. Frequent cycling can be a sign that your unit is in need of a tune-up or that it is time for a new air conditioning system. No matter the cause, the more often your air conditioning unit is running, the higher your energy bills, so you’ll want to get this looked at right away.

Odd Noises 

All air conditioning units make some noise. If you notice a new or worrisome sound coming from your AC unit, such a grinding or whistling, this can be a cause for concern. Unusual noises coming from your AC unit do not usually go away on their own and can be an indicator of a bigger problem. Call a certified AC technician to get the noise checked out right away.

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7 Major Air Conditioner Problems

How Does An Air Conditioner Work?1. Refrigerant Levels

If your indoor air temperature is fluctuating or not cooling properly, your air conditioner may be low on refrigerant, which means your system has a leak. It’s important for your professional HVAC contractor to identify the location of the leak to avoid causing harm to the environment and repetitive AC repair. Talk to your air conditioning contractor at ServiceMark for annual AC maintenance to examine your unit for leaks.

2. Blockages

If your AC unit is leaking, your pipe could be blocked, or the condensate pump may have stopped working. Sometimes, dirt, leaves, and dust can build up and cause your air conditioner problems. If the drain pan overflows, it can cause air conditioning repair issues and damage to the parts in your system.

3. Electrical Issues

If air isn’t coming from your vents at all, the fan on the outside unit may have tripped. If this is the case, check the breaker box. Restart the tripped switch by moving it to the off position and then back to the on position. If a power surge causes the switch to trip, your air conditioner should be back on track. However, if your breaker continues to shut down, there may be a serious electrical or wiring issue. Our team offers HVAC repair services in Drexel Hill, Elkton, and Newark and have the correct tools to fix dangerous wiring problems in your system. When in doubt, contact a certified HVAC service like ServiceMark to diagnose the problem.

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4. Malfunctioning Capacitors

Faulty capacitors are also a reason the fans in your air conditioner fail to engage. Capacitors provide the spark needed to start the motor of your air conditioner. A clicking sound is a tell-tale sign that your capacitor is wearing down and will soon fail to engage. If you detect a humming sound, the motor may be attempting to activate. To avoid costly problems with the motor, it’s best to fix this type of air conditioning repair issue sooner than later.

5. Faulty Compressor

Dirty coils, refrigerant levels, and capacitors will impact your compressor’s functionality. Like many other parts of your AC unit, compressors work hard and will eventually need to be replaced. We offer air conditioning repair services in areas such as Wayne, Newark, Elkton, Upper Darby, and Drexel Hill. Due to the complexity of a compressor, your AC contractor may recommend replacing your entire unit instead of performing a repair for the compressor.

6. Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are the underrated and overlooked heroes of an efficient air conditioning system. They absorb indoor heat and return it as cold air through in-home air ducts. Frozen coils, air duct obstruction, dirty filters, and refrigerant levels will cause significant problems.

7. Condenser Coils

Similar to evaporator coils, your condenser coils are responsible for releasing heat into the outdoor air. Located outside your home, they’re easily plagued by the weather, debris, or dust.

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4 Major Types of Air Conditioner Odors

If your AC smells bad, there could be a few issues at play, depending on the type of odor coming from your unit. Learn more about what different smells can mean when they come from your air conditioner and how you can alleviate the issue in your home ASAP.

Air Conditioner Repair1. Burning Smells

Electrical odors could indicate a mechanical air conditioning repair problem with your compressor or fan. The source of the issues may be associated with electrical component failure or a wiring issue. Keep in mind, the first few times an air conditioner kicks on, it may emit a burning odor that can smell electrical or dusty. After 20 to 30 minutes, the smell will stop.

If the odor does not disappear, you should contact a professional HVAC contractor to check out the problem and perform an air conditioning repair. Our staff of certified technicians offers air conditioning services in locations such as Dover, Denton, Upper Darby, Newark, Abington, and Drexel Hill. Attempting to fix an air conditioner without a technician can result in severe injuries.

2. Rotten Egg Odors

If your air conditioner smells of rotten eggs or sulfur, this is an indicator of a natural gas leak. Although on its own, natural gas is odorless, most utility providers add the aroma to alert people of a dangerous leak. Don’t take this lightly. If you smell a rotten-egg-like odor in your home, natural gas is likely the culprit. While low-level exposure isn’t hazardous to your health, high levels reduce oxygen in the blood and can lead to loss of consciousness or even death. Additionally, gas is highly flammable and explosive. If you notice this smell, open the windows to your home right away, exit your residence and call the gas company.

3. Exhaust Smells

Your air conditioner isn’t gas-powered, so oftentimes, people are concerned about where this type of smell could be coming from. However, there are fluids in the engine and other parts of your air conditioner which can leak out, causing this exhaust fume odor. When dealing with fluid leaks, call a certified contractor on our team to perform an air conditioning repair and handle the situation.

4. Chemical Smells

If your AC system smells like paint thinner, formaldehyde, or any other chemicals, it needs to be assessed before use. Many fluids are used within your AC system. They can be the culprit for an assortment of chemical-type smells when the unit malfunctions. These particulates can be hazardous to your health, depleting oxygen and resulting in an array of health issues. Our team of contractors provides HVAC services in Ardmore, Easton, and Upper Darby and is committed to performing a proper diagnosis to resolve the issue.

Air Conditioning Repair Services

TechnicianWe understand how frustrating it is when your cooling system needs maintenance or repairs. That’s why the professionals on our team make it easy to get immediate air conditioning repair services with online scheduling. You can count on us to get the cooling back when you need it the most! We provide fast and convenient air conditioning services to homeowners in locations such as Ardmore, Easton, Wilmington, Upper Darby, Newark, and Abington. Contact our staff to receive help with a malfunctioning HVAC system. ServiceMark provides 24-hour service, seven days a week. Call our team of technicians today by phone at (302) 367-7915 to receive support with a malfunctioning air conditioner.

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