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Furnace Repair Services

To prevent your furnace from malfunctioning on a cold day, it’s important to hire a licensed technician to perform inspections and maintenance.  Your furnace has to work its hardest to get your house warm, and sometimes it just can’t keep up. A proactive approach to getting a new furnace might save you some headaches as well as shivers. We offer reliable furnace installation and replacement services for all types and models in areas such as Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. In addition, our staff can help you save money on repairs each year. Give our team of certified technicians a call by phone at (302) 367-7915 to receive assistance choosing a replacement furnace for your home.


The first metric you need to worry about when choosing a furnace replacement is BtuH. A British Thermal Unit is a measure of heat energy where one Btu is required to raise one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. British Thermal Units Per Hour is utilized to estimate the capacity of a heating system running from 30,000 to 135,000 Btuh. 

A homeowner may consider performing a furnace installation and choose a system with a low BTU rating if they live in a smaller home. In addition, a furnace with a low BTU score can be utilized to heat one level of a two-story house. On the other hand, high capacity furnaces are engineered to provide warm air to large homes and small commercial facilities. We offer trustworthy furnace replacement services to homes in areas such as Wayne, Easton, Newark, Upper Darby, Ardmore, and Elkton.  Our team of licensed contractors will help you find a new furnace with a BtuH rating that is compatible with the size of your home. Give our staff a call by phone at (302) 367-7915 to receive help choosing an energy-efficient furnace.

What is an AFUE Rating?

To better measure a furnace’s efficiency, furnaces are assigned an AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. This metric is designed to measure the total amount of gas a furnace burns to heat your home in comparison to the amount of energy wasted. For example, if your furnace has an 85% AFUE rating, 85 percent of the gas becomes heat, while the other 15 percent is waste.

Old, low-efficiency furnaces come with ratings that vary from 56% and 70% AFUE, while the most efficient systems on the market today start at 90% AFUE and can get as high as 98.5% AFUE. Our team of certified technicians offers innovative furnace installation services in locations such as Dover, Drexel Hill, Middletown, Upper Darby, Denton, and Ardmore.  We will help you purchase a new furnace with a high AFUE rating to improve the efficiency of your house.

In the United States, the lowest allowed AFUE rating for new furnaces is 80%. A furnace with an 80% AFUE score is categorized as a mid-level  efficiency system. The Department of Energy raised the standard from the original minimum of 78% to the current standard in 2015. Give our staff a call by phone at (302) 367-7915 to discuss the advantages of upgrading your furnace.

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3 Types of Furnaces & Their Advantages

Before you invest in a new heating system, you should understand how the different types of furnaces can impact how well they heat your home. What works best for you is based on factors like your existing ductwork, the size of your home, and your general heating requirements.

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1. Single-Stage Furnace

This furnace type puts heat out at one speed – high. It puts out the max amount of heat the unit is designed for regardless of how cold it is outdoors or in different rooms. The result is that your energy bills are higher than they could be since your furnace is using as much energy as possible every time it turns on.

2. Two-Stage Furnace

With two speeds, a two-stage furnace is more efficient than a single stage system. This type of furnace operates at a low speed a majority of the time to conserve energy. The low setting of a two-stage furnace is designed to utilize 65 percent of the total capacity. 

As temperatures outside drop lower, the furnace kicks into the second higher speed to increase the amount of heat produced. We offer two-stage furnace installation and replacement services in Conshohocken, Wilmington, Easton, and other areas. Our technicians are committed to helping you find a furnace that can produce a sufficient amount of heat for your home.

3. Variable-Speed Furnace

With this type of furnace, the term variable speed refers to the fan motor’s speed instead of the number of stages or levels the unit goes through. The fan motor can move at different speeds to provide fine control of the amount of heated air that moves through the house.

An advantage of hiring a certified technician to perform a furnace installation for a variable speed system includes enhanced air circulation. Even when your furnace isn’t producing heat, the motor in the fan can continue to circulate air. This improves your air quality since the air is constantly passing through and being cleaned by your HVAC filter. The furnace doesn’t have to come on quite often, which means lower utility bills and less energy use.

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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

If you’re making a choice about one more repair or committing to a new furnace, it’s important to know some clear signs that a replacement is a direction to go.

1. High Energy Bills

Your furnace is one of the biggest energy users in your home, so the more efficiently it runs, the better for your wallet. If you’ve noticed your utility bills going up, it could be your furnace needs some attention. The newer and better cared for your furnace is, the more efficiently it will run. A repair might deliver a boost, but more often, the only way to get better efficiency is by installing a new unit.

2. A Large Amount of Dust in Your House

Dust is a fact of life. But if you see more of it than usual, it might be a sign your furnace isn’t doing a good job at removing it from the warm air before it gets distributed into your house.

This could be a simple fix if you haven’t changed your furnace filter in a while. On the other hand, if you haven’t changed your air filter in a long time, the  internal parts may be damaged. Once the parts in your furnace are dirty and defective, you will need to hire a professional to conduct a furnace installation to restore the warm air in your home.

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Furnace Repair

3. Furnace Is 15 Years of Age or Older

While a furnace lasts quite a while, this type of system is not designed to last forever. Unfortunately, they don’t come with an expiration date stamped on them, so there’s no way to know when the furnace will die. If your furnace is at least 15 years old, you should weigh any repair projects against the value of performing a furnace replacement or installation. Our team of certified technicians offer heating system installation services in areas such as Ardmore, Wilmington, Upper Darby, Newark, and Easton. The age of your unit puts performance problems in context. Our technicians will help you determine whether or not it will cost more to repair or replace your system.

4. Your Home is Not Warm

If your house feels colder than normal, double-check that your thermostat is set correctly and working properly. If that’s not the issue and the problem came on suddenly, leaks in your ductwork could be to blame.

If you’re noticing different temperatures between rooms, know that you can’t “fix” things by turning the thermostat up. Uneven heating is a hallmark issue for old, single-speed furnaces, and another sign it’s time for a furnace replacement.

5. Strange Noises & Odors

Banging and screeching noises don’t mean your house is haunted. Instead, those unfamiliar sounds mean something is going quite wrong with your furnace. Squealing and screeching sounds indicate the need for a blower adjustment, while grinding and banging means a different repair is needed.

When you first start the furnace up at the beginning of the cold season, you might expect a musty smell from your system. Although it is not abnormal to encounter strange odors from your furnace at the beginning of the winter season, the odors should disappear in a couple of days. If you smell a burning odor, this is a sign of a bigger problem that can be fixed by performing a furnace installation. 

Furnace Replacement & Installation Services

Now that you know more about your furnace options, you can make a smart choice if you decide it’s time to consider replacing your unit. When you’re ready for your furnace installation, contact us by phone at (302) 367-7915 for trustworthy and safe furnace services. Our team offers furnace replacement solutions in areas such as Perryville, Elkton, Radnor, Wilmington, Ardmore, Upper Darby, and Newark. Our staff gets the job done efficiently and effectively.


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