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Spring Cleaning: The Importance of HVAC System Preventative Maintenance

Take Care of Your HVAC System!

With spring and summer come allergens and hot, humid summer air. Before the weather changes, it’s a good time to perform regular AC maintenance to ensure your system is in tip-top shape.


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Calling on a certified HVAC system specialist will ensure your system is maintained properly. There are many components involved in an HVAC system that require the tools and knowledge only an experienced technician has. When a technician comes to your home for preventative maintenance, they may do the following:


Perform a Tune-Up

Proper refrigerant levels are what keep the cold air flowing in our homes. A technician will check for refrigerant leaks and provide a recharge if necessary. They will also clean and lubricate all moving parts. When AC systems are well lubricated, they are less prone to friction and will use less energy when running.


Inspect Fans/Blowers

Fans and blowers that are not working properly due to buildup or lack of lubricant can decrease your home’s energy efficiency. While performing spring AC maintenance, your technician will turn on the unit and check how the fans are running. If they seem slow or sluggish, they may lubricate the parts or suggest a replacement.


Clean Cooling Components

Dirty cooling components, such as the cooling coils, can reduce your system’s ability to cool your home. This reduction in cool air means a longer run time and more energy use. Your HVAC technician will clean these coils along with the evaporator, condensation lines, and condenser to bring them back into proper working order.


Check and Replace Filters and Other Components

Throughout the year, our HVAC systems work to pull dust and allergens out of the air we breathe. These particles end up in the filter. To make sure HVAC systems are working as they should, filters need to be replaced regularly. Filters are especially helpful during the spring when allergens are floating through the air.

If it is found that the fluid levels are low, or wiring needs repair, your technician will also fix these issues to ensure your AC system is in good working order before summer use.

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Maintenance Services

Test the System

After the service is performed, your technician will run a system test to make sure it is running properly. This test will check the efficiency of the system and the different components, as well as the cycle run time. If the technician has completed all servicing needs, your system should be back to running at the manufacturer’s standards, meaning your system will be running efficiently. A system tune-up can save you money on energy bills and increase the longevity of your AC unit.

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