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ServiceMark service technician performs heat pump serviceMany customers of ServiceMark Heating, Cooling & Plumbing know they should have an annual tune-up or maintenance service performed on their home’s central air conditioning system. We realize most people don’t know what a trained, NATE-certified technician does, and why this preseason service should be done. Let’s take a few minutes and describe the many functions that go into a proper and thorough air conditioning system annual service.

ServiceMark 20-point Air Conditioning System Tune-Up

Our service technician will:

  1. Level and calibrate the thermostat
  2. Clean air filter, or replace the disposable filter
  3. Monitor volts/amps on the inside blower fan motor
  4. Inspect bearings for wear and lubricate
  5. Flush/treat the condensate drain line with the anti-algae solution
  6. Inspect the outside condensing unit
  7. Inspect all safety devices and controls for proper operation
  8. Clean/inspect the indoor air coil (if accessible)
  9. Gauge and monitor the operating pressure of the refrigerant
  10. Inspect the outside disconnect box
  11. Tighten all electrical connections
  12. Clean any debris from around the outside condensing unit
  13. Monitor the compressor for proper amperage draw
  14. Test and inspect contactors for burned, pitted contacts
  15. Look for exposed wiring (and correct if needed)
  16. Test capacitors
  17. Inspect the fan blade
  18. Double-check supply ducting for air loss
  19. Measure temperature differences between the supply and the return air
  20. Check service valves

In addition to the annual service, changing the air filter regularly is one of the most important (yet simple!) things a homeowner can do to prolong equipment life and reduce energy bills. Change or clean the air filter every month, especially during peak cooling and heating times. A dirty filter will reduce airflow and make the fan work harder than necessary to keep you comfortable. That’s an energy-wasting issue that can be avoided with ease. A clean filter also prevents dust and dirt from being released into the air-handling unit, which can lead to expensive repairs and early failure of equipment.

The annual preventive maintenance service must be completed by a fully trained and certified technician who can perform all the functions described above. Also, a visual inspection is used to keep the equipment operating properly, safely, and at the best efficiency level possible to help keep energy bills as low as possible. All HVAC systems should be checked on an annual basis, which can also satisfy warranty coverage requirements by many manufacturers.

Normally, a tune-up service will take about an hour (unless equipment problems are discovered). Your qualified technician will review the findings and recommendations with you after the service visit is complete. Central air conditioning and heating system maintenance is a great way to prolong equipment life, satisfy manufacturer requirements, promote system safety, and reduce energy usage.

ServiceMark wants to make sure your systems are taken care of properly this season!

AC Maintenance

To schedule your Spring Tune-Up Service and help ensure indoor comfort this summer, contact ServiceMark Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing or schedule online.

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