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Tips and tricks to help you save energy and money

What Causes Spikes in Energy Cost?

We know how frustrating it can be to get your energy bill for the month and see a large spike. Most of us are mindful about our energy use, we don’t typically leave the refrigerator open for days or set the AC to 60 degrees in the summer just for fun — so why do we experience huge spikes in energy cost? There are numerous reasons why you can be experiencing a sudden spike in your bill, and we’re here to break that down today. 

If you’re looking for ways to save energy and money in your home, here are 6 ideas to start with:

  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Use natural light during the day instead of artificial light 
  • Swap appliances for ENERGY STAR ones
  • Choose energy-saving light bulbs 
  • Use an electric power strip for electronic equipment
  • Hire a professional, like ServiceMark, to maintain your heating and cooling system

Energy Saving Tips

Along with the recommendations above, we wanted to share with you some simple things that you can do around your home to cut back on your energy use and cost. 


  1. Open Windows: If at all possible in the area you live in, open your windows to cool off your home without having to switch on your air conditioner. This option is ideal in the Spring, before it gets too warm.
  2. Service Your Air Conditioner: Before the summer heat comes barreling in, it’s important to ensure that your AC is working properly. You should perform routine maintenance and replace or clean your air filters as needed. Your air conditioner’s evaporator coil should be cleaned annually to help to ensure that your system is performing its best. 
  3. Use Ceiling Fans: If your home comes equipped with ceiling fans, you should utilize them as often as possible. Using ceiling fans can help to reduce energy consumption and cost without having to sacrifice comfort. 
  4. Cook Outside: Using your outside grill instead of your oven helps keep the heat outside instead of in your home.
  5. Let Sunlight In: Instead of using artificial light, utilize windows and skylights to let natural light into your home during the day.
  6. Window Treatments: Not only do window treatments help your space feel ‘finished,’ they also help to keep heat out. Blinds, films, and shades can help keep temperatures low in your home and reduce energy costs. 
  7. Utilize Bathroom Fan: The fan in your bathroom is specifically designed to suck out heat and humidity from your home. Using them to help cool off your home is effective and cost saving.

Hire A Professional

The last thing you need when the summer heat starts creeping its way into your home is a cooling system that doesn’t work properly. Even if you are taking all of the steps to help save energy and money, nothing can replace using your air conditioner to cool off your home. You should be sure to have maintenance done annually by a qualified technician.

ServiceMark technicians can keep your systems running smoothly with our maintenance plans!

Learn More

The experts at ServiceMark are here for you to make sure that you stay cool this summer! Call us for an AC tune-up, we will make sure everything is working properly so you can stay comfortable through the heat. 

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