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Why is proper design and installation so important?

Here are some FACTS about the importance of proper design installation of heating and air conditioning systems:*

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Proper Equipment Sizing

Oversized equipment increases energy use by 9%
Oversized cooling equipment makes us feel cold and clammy
Oversized equipment has more frequent maintenance problems and shorter equipment life

Proper Airflow

Poor airflow produces a 10% increase in operating costs
Poor airflow results in shorter equipment life
Inadequate airflow results in poor comfort control
Inadequate airflow results in lower indoor air quality

Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Refrigerant Charge

About 40% of all systems have an improper refrigerant charge, which can cause breakdowns and decrease the life of cooling equipment.

Tight Ductwork

Leaks in the return ducts often bring in unfiltered and unconditioned air from attics, basements and crawl spaces
Studies show that existing homes typically lose 35% of the system’s cooling capacity from duct leakage and thermal losses due to poorly insulated ducts
Proper sealing and insulation will cut those losses in half

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