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Popular and Easy Home Maintenance Tips for the Spring

Prepare your home for the seasons

Let’s be perfectly honest; being a homeowner can be tough at times. It always seems like there is a huge never-ending list of things that need your attention around the house. Unfortunately, the weekend never seems long enough to get those jobs completed!

Now that we’re enjoying the Spring weather, it’s time to think about the little things we can do ourselves to protect our homes.

SMS May 18Home maintenance projects a homeowner can do easily:

      1. All ceiling fans should be reset to turn COUNTERCLOCKWISE, as you look up at them. This action should help you even out the room temperature and help the heavier cold airlift up from the floor and spread throughout the room.
  1. Replace or clean your dryer vent. Lint tends to build up over time making it harder for the dryer to operate and a large buildup of lint can prove to be dangerous in that it is combustible and could ignite under certain circumstances.
  2. Clean the siding of your home especially on the north side, where the green algae film will start to form.
  3. If you are able to safely inspect your chimney, now’s the time to look for and repair cracks in the mortar. This “tuckpointing” prolongs the brick life and protects the chimney structure.
  4. Replace your HVAC air filter and make sure the ARROW is pointed toward the direction of the airflow. If it’s been a year since you had professional service, now would be time to check out and tune up your air conditioning, or heat pump system and get it ready for the coming season. Secure an appointment by scheduling online or calling!
  5. This time of year tends to have more rain, so it’s time to clean gutters and downspouts to make sure all water is directed away from the home.
  6. Why not use this time of year to automatically change the batteries in all the smoke and CO2 detectors? Test each unit to make sure they are in good working order.
  7. Where necessary, we advise some re-caulking and re-painting around windows and doors where the paint is starting to peel, and the caulking is dry and breaking down.
  8. Pull that refrigerator out and away from the wall and vacuum behind it. You might be surprised what long lost item could be hiding there!
  9. Drain your water heater to ensure there is no sediment build up that could break down the components of the water heater over time.

The experts at ServiceMark can take care of your air conditioning maintenance!

AC Maintenance Services

Hire HVAC technicians to ensure your systems are running smoothly

The HVAC experts at ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing are homeowners too, so we fully realize how much time and effort is put into home maintenance. We advise calling an expert when needed for roofing repair or proper HVAC maintenance to ensure you do not bite off more than you can handle. After all, you deserve some down time too!

HVAC problems? Pick up the phone and call us – we are ready to keep you comfortable 24/7.

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