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Your Mid-Atlantic 2017 Summer Weather Forecast – A Warmer Prediction

Warm temperatures are expected across much of the U.S. this summer, especially in portions of the South and West, per the latest outlook from The Weather Company, The Weather Channel and other sources.

These warmer-than-average conditions include the Pacific Northwest, where a chilly pattern has been in place throughout much of the winter and into the beginning of spring.

The recent trend of above-average temperatures is also expected to prevail in the Southeast. Areas near the Great Lakes may see overall cooler-than-average conditions during the June through August period.

Map of summer 2017 temperature outlook for United States

Summer 2017 temperature outlook

“Typical transitions from La Niña to El Niño conditions result in cooler summers overall, especially late; our forecast reflects this warmest-early, coolest-late idea, but is not particularly cool given the recent pronounced global-scale warming,” said Dr. Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist with The Weather Company.

In the most recent outlook, NOAA placed the odds of El Niño developing from about August to December at 50 percent. El Niño is the warming of the equatorial eastern and central Pacific Ocean temperatures, which can have impacts on weather patterns across the globe.

Even though there are questions about whether El Niño will develop or not, the influence of La Niña on the atmosphere is expected to wane heading into summer, says Crawford. This will help temperatures in the Northwest to gradually evolve toward above average instead of the below-average conditions recently experienced.

Below we take a closer look at what is expected each month.


The greatest chance for warmer-than-average temperatures this summer for the Northeast will be in June. Above-average temperatures are also likely in the Southeast, as well as for much of the West.

The area that could see cooler conditions will be in parts of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region. Much of the Plains and Rockies, will see temperatures near to slightly above average.

Map of June 2017 temperature outlook for United States

June 2017 temperature outlook


In July, temperatures are expected to be well above average from northern California into western Washington, the opposite of what occurred this winter. The rest of the West, apart from Montana, will also see warmer-than-average temperatures.

A different story is expected farther east, where cooler-than-average temperatures will stretch from the Upper Midwest into the Ohio Valley and the eastern Great Lakes. Temperatures for the Southeast will likely be near to slightly above average.

Map of July 2017 temperature outlook for United States

July 2017 temperature outlook


The expanse of hotter-than-average temperatures will grow in August, stretching from the West coast through the Plains and into parts of the Midwest and Southeast. The area from southern California into New Mexico and western Texas may see temperatures soar well above average.

Most of the Northeast, however, will likely experience near-to-slightly-below average temperatures. Temperatures in the mid-Atlantic and eastern Great Lakes will generally be near to slightly above average for the last month of summer.

Map of August 2017 temperature outlook for United States

August 2017 temperature outlook

Summary – What you need to know

This report is the best guess coming from a host of experts that are trying to predict, as accurately as possible, our weather for the June through August Summer season. They are, as noted, calling for a normal to higher than average temperatures, especially in the beginning of the summer season. Therefore, it is always wise to be prepared and make sure your home’s central air conditioning system is checked and properly maintained by a cooling expert from ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing.

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Our thanks to the experts at the Weather Channel for providing this extended forecast and providing the images you see above.

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