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Indoor Air Pollution: Is Your Air Filter Enough?

Is Your Indoor Air Clean?

As a homeowner, you know how important it is to keep your air clean. You have loved ones, pets, and even your own health to consider. Not to mention, polluted air can make your home feel stuffy, stale, or unusually humid. It can trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions and lead to the growth of living pollutants and mold. You certainly don’t want any of that. 

So, how do you truly know if you have quality indoor air? And should you be looking for more accurate ways to maintain it? Let’s take a look at what air filters are, how often you should replace them, and why an air purifier might be the right addition to your home.

What is an air filter and how often should you replace it?

Before you consider purchasing an air purifier alternative, you should first check your air filters. 

Air filters typically consist of a cardboard frame—made of fiberglass material, pleated paper, or cloth—that screen out dust particles from getting into your system and reducing its efficiency. Although it seems like a trivial component, air filters play a significant role in maintaining your HVAC system. An air filter’s job isn’t to clean your indoor air necessarily, however, it does help sustain the quality of it if properly changed when needed. 

Changing your filter depends on many variables including if you have pets, the filter type, and the number of allergy/asthmatic people in your household. We recommend changing your filters anywhere from 20-60 days. 

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What is an air purifier?

An air purifier, also known as an air cleaner, is a device that removes a wide variety of contaminants from the air. Air purifiers are specifically geared towards improving the air quality of your home and come in a diverse range of sizes and types, from HEPA Filters to Ultraviolet Light Air Purifiers. 

These devices are a great solution to having fresher, cleaner indoor air, and do a great job of neutralizing home odors and supporting better respiratory health. 

Should you clean your air purifier? 

Since there are many different types of air purifiers, we recommend checking your device’s manual for instructions on cleaning and replacing. As a general rule of thumb, you should replace your air purifier filters at least every six months. You should only clean your purifier if it’s deemed washable. 

Why is it important to have an air purifier in your home?

Most HVAC systems will come with a built-in air purifier. However, sometimes you’ll also need a stand-alone appliance that works solely on purifying your home. Here’s why: 

Air purifiers can maximize your cleaning efforts by removing additional debris, contaminants, and pollens that HVAC filters aren’t able to do. On the regular, we’re inhaling contaminants without even realizing it. An effective air purifier will help eliminate the following unseen threats: 

  • • Mold 
  • • Mildew
  • • Pollen
  • • Dust particles
  • • Odors 
  • • Smoke
  • • Pet dander 

These follicles, especially for asthma, allergy, or respiratory sufferers’ are hazardous and can trigger a reaction. Air purifiers can thoroughly clean the air of these contaminants, which is why they’re an essential device for your home. Air purifiers are composed of a filter, or multiple filters, and a fan that absorbs in and circulates air. As air travels through the filter, contaminants and particles are captured and the air is pushed back out into space. This leaves your home air cleaner, fresher, and healthier. 


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