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Save on Costs with a Programmable Thermostat

It might seem like a little detail, but choosing the right thermostat for your home’s HVAC system is a major decision.

There are a variety of different options on the market today, so how do you know which one is right for your heating and cooling equipment?

At ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing, we strongly recommend a programmable thermostat if energy savings are a primary goal! Programmable thermostats,’ supplied and installed by your Heating Services Company, can regulate both the heating and cooling temperatures, in the home, and change the set points throughout the day or night to whatever you want.

It’s never been easier to achieve both the comfort level you desire and capture some hefty energy savings, which will be reflected in lower monthly utility bills! 

Rectangular shaped digital thermostat

Must-knows about programmable thermostats:

Some models can switch back and forth between heating and air conditioning automatically and they are extremely energy efficient, which means you can save significant money on your heating and cooling bills. Some Smart thermostats can even be adjusted using a smartphone and some models even remember your temperature setting habits and automatically program themselves! One of the best things about these thermostats is that you can program the thermostat to turn off or on at certain parts of the day, depending on what you need and when you need to use it. For example, while you’re at work all day, you can program the thermostat to turn to a lower temperature. Or, when you’re asleep, you can turn it to an energy saving temperature that will readjust once you wake up.

These thermostats give homeowners control over temperature whenever they want – they’re incredibly convenient!

There are combination heating and cooling thermostats for the home’s HVAC systems that have many different functions: the popular “7 Day Thermostat” allows the homeowner to have different pre-programmed temperature settings for each day of the week. Some are a 5-Day – 2 Day models, which allow a change for weekend settings when the average lifestyle is different than during the workweek.

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The job of your Heating and Cooling Company is to help educate you on what is offered, how they work with your HVAC System (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) and how much they can save on the utility bill.

At ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing our HVAC experts stand ready to offer advice and install the setback thermostat which best serves your individual needs. Learn more about the terrific energy savings that can be enjoyed, or visit us to find out about ways of saving energy in the home.

Good news: The experts at ServiceMark can install a programmable thermostat to your home in no time.

Programmable Thermostats

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Your HVAC System specialists are ready and standing by. 

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