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ServiceMark Heating, Cooling & Plumbing designs and installs another form of ductless air conditioning equipment, called high velocity air conditioning. Both cooling and heating can be achieved using special high-velocity equipment using smaller tubes to squeeze and twist through wall and joist cavities to supply conditioned air throughout the home or business.

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This approach is used often to cool historic buildings and older homes where it is impractical to install traditional boxed ducting. It can be an ideal solution with certain historical period design considerations or aesthetic concerns. The condensing unit still remains outside with the system’s blower located in the attic or basement. The tubing can then be installed via closets or snaked down through wall studs to reach all areas to be cooled.

The high velocity system, because of the way it moves air, has very small outlets, which can be tucked away and positioned out of sight. It can be very helpful with maintaining the architectural style and integrity of an older building. These modern comfort-enhancing systems are widely used throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, where many beautiful older homes and structures are being enjoyed generation after generation.

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