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Common Heating & AC FAQs Answered

As a further service to our valued customers we will be listing and answering several commonly asked questions from homeowners concerning their heating, cooling, ventilating and humidification equipment. This is the first, in a series of articles, that will address those frequently asked questions.

Q1. What does HVAC stand for?

“Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning”

Q2. How often should I replace my air filters?

Generally speaking, ServiceMark suggests changing your disposable filters at least once per month. If you use a washable filter, they should be cleaned on a monthly basis. Your ServiceMark technician will recommend a replacement schedule that optimizes your system efficiency.

Q3. In addition to making sure that I change my air filters regularly, what other maintenance should I perform to my heating and air conditioning system?

Yearly maintenance is recommended and should be completed by a qualified HVAC technician for both the heating and cooling units. But there are some things the homeowner should do between services: (1) Keep the outside, ground-mounted units clear of debris, clutter and weeds because they can reduce airflow to the unit; (2) Keep pets away from the units; (3) Look for insect and bird nests and remove when possible.

Q4. What should I do or look for prior to placing a service call?

– Make sure the heater or air conditioning unit is turned on.

– Double check to make sure that the proper breaker is on and the disconnects are also on.

– Check the thermostat setting to make sure it also is on and that batteries are working.

– Make a mental note of any smell or strange noise and tell the service technician when they arrive.

Stay tuned to our weekly FAQ articles that are designed to educate and directly help our customers. ServiceMark prides itself on being the “go-to-source” in our HVAC industry for information on all your heating, air conditioning, and plumbing needs!

Good news: Our reliable HVAC services keep you comfortable so you don’t have to worry about it.

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