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Frequently Asked Questions about Your HVAC System

Q1. Is a heat pump efficient in the Mid-Atlantic states of Delaware and Pennsylvania?

The simple answer is a resounding YES! A heat pump is both a heating and air conditioning system that has become very efficient over the years. In cold weather, the heat pump collects ambient heat in the outdoor air and transfers it to the inside of the home. In the summer months, heat is removed from inside and discharged outside of the home. Heat pumps use supplemental electric heat to warm the air on extremely cold days when there is not enough heat to gather from the outside. In many cases, homeowners use a back-up gas or oil-fired furnace to do this job. These combination systems are referred to a Hybrid Systems and are even more efficient.

Q2. What can I do on my own to maintain my heater or air conditioner?

Besides changing the air filter (or cleaning where applicable), the homeowner can perform several helpful tasks to help maintain their comfort system. Keep the outside condensing unit (the cooling or heat pump outside unit) free of debris like leaves, sticks or weeds. Try to maintain an 18-inch distance of clear space all around the unit, keeping shrubs and other plants away from the unit’s coil. Kill and remove insect nests when you find them and keep your pets from urinating on the unit. Use great caution when mowing or using weed trimmers around the unit to prevent harming control wiring.

Q3. At what temperature should I set my thermostat?

This answer depends entirely on your personal preferences but we do have the answer for homeowners wanting to save energy in both the heating and cooling seasons. We suggest an energy saving setting of 76 degrees in the summer. This will achieve a comfortable temperature level while removing humidity which greatly adds to the home comfort. Most department stores use this temperature setting to best serve their customers, while at the same time not wasting energy dollars. In the wintertime, we suggest a setting of 68 degrees to save on monthly utility expenses and stay comfortable. Another way to achieve energy savings while keeping that warm feeling is to employ the use of a whole-home humidifier. This is yet another way your ServiceMark Comfort Specialists can help.

ServiceMark can provide you with reliable HVAC services to keep your system running year round.

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