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Once, two separate words, Glenolden was named after the Glen Olden Mills. Glen and Olden were mother’s maiden names of the owners of Ephrian Ridgeway.

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ServiceMark Heating, Cooling & Plumbing customers can always expect great service and expertise, which is why homeowners in Glenolden, PA have kept coming back to us for over six decades. Our professionals can repair anything from that pesky faucet that just won’t stop leaking to installing a brand new air conditioning or heating system in your home. Our team is the place to call for energy audits and weatherization, water heater maintenance and installation, and many other services for your entire home.

It’s safe to say we’re pretty serious about customer service, but we also care about the whole Glenolden, PA community. Our ServiceMark Community Support Team enjoys giving back to the area where we all live and work by sponsoring little league teams, 5k charity drives and festivals for everyone to participate in.

See why many homeowners in Glenolden, PA think that our SERVICE is right on the MARK by calling us for our expertise the next time you need a whole-home solution!

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With our full complement of HVAC repair and installation, plumbing and healthy indoor air products, ServiceMark is standing by to help you.

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