GAS HEATER | Service Mark Solutions


Size covered up to 400,000 btu

Warm Air
Hot Water
Vent Dampers
(orig. equipment)
Check Check Check
Gas Controls Check Check Check
Appliance Regulators Check Check Check
Ignition Transformers
(orig. equipment)
Check Check Check
Pilot Assemblies Check Check Check
Safety Pilots Check Check Check
Thermocouples Check Check Check
Gas Valves Check Check Check
Burners Check Check Check
Manual Thermostat Check Check Check
Emergency Switches Check Check Check
Factory Wiring Check Check Check
Internal Fuses Check Check Check
Fan & Limit Controls Check Check Check
Fan Assemblies Check
Blower Bearings Check
Blower Housing Check
Blower Shaft Check
Blower Blades Check
Blower Motor
(not more than 1 Hp)
Belts Check
Pulleys Check
Aquastats (cell type only) Check
(not more than 1/4 hp)
Pressure Controls† Check
Water Level Switches† Check
Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve†
(except excessive water pressure problems)

We actually cover most of it. But some parts remain uncovered.

Parts not covered:
Air Filters, barometric or motorized dampers, chimney maintenance, condensate pumps, direct vent intake & exhaust, duct work, house wiring, heat exchangers, heat jacket, trim & insulation, digital & programmable thermostats, zoning controls, water coil, seasonal turn-ons & turn-offs, other water system controls not listed above (for boilers), boiler gauge (steam boilers), expansion tanks, fuel tanks & piping, drain down and refill, and any other part not included in the original manufacture of the system or any part not listed above.

*Coverage is for one circulator; coverage is available for additional units for a fee.

†Draining and filling of a system are at additional cost.

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