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How Often Should I Replace My Air Filter?

What Affects Your Home Air Filter? Air filters ensure our home’s air is free from harmful mold and other allergens. By collecting dirt and debris before they enter our home’s air duct system, air filters help us all breathe easier. When these filters collect enough debris, they can become clogged and in need of replacement. How do you know when

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Split System Air Conditioners: How Do They Work?

Be Informed About Your Purchase Considering installing an air conditioning unit in your home? Many people are aware of the big air conditioning units typically seen outside of homes, but there is another built-in option: a split system air conditioner. Also known as a ductless air conditioner, split system air conditioners consist of two components, one inside and one outside

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Is It Time to Convert to Natural Gas?

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Natural Gas In recent years the exploration and development of natural gas from shale has led to extremely low prices, especially when compared to heating oil costs. So changing your heating system from heating oil to natural gas could be a no-brainer depending on your present system and availability of gas in your area.

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