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5 Advantages of Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

Most people have heard of ductless cooling and heating systems, and they have probably seen the small, indoor devices installed high on walls in homes, restaurants or office buildings. But what do you really know about these systems? 1. THEY OFFER HIGHLY FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS Whereas traditional heat pumps and central air conditioning systems force cooled and heated air through ducts,

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Mid-Atlantic 2017 Summer Weather Forecast – A Warmer Prediction

What are the Weather Predictions for this Summer? Warm temperatures are expected across much of the U.S. this summer, especially in portions of the South and West, per the latest outlook from The Weather Company, The Weather Channel and other sources. These warmer-than-average conditions include the Pacific Northwest, where a chilly pattern has been in place throughout much of the winter and

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Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

Extend the Life of Your AC Unit Like any mechanical system, having your HVAC system (Heating- Ventilation- Air Conditioning) routinely serviced will pay dividends in the long run. A proper annual “tune up” will also satisfy and keep in place the manufacture’s equipment warranty. Much like changing the motor oil in your automobile, per the auto manufacturers recommendations, you must

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Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Shopping for a New AC? Be Informed! There are many types of different air conditioning systems to choose from. Whether you are looking for a normal HVAC system that cools your entire house evenly, or a ductless system for a house that does not have existing ductwork, this infographic explains the different options available.  


When Should You Replace Your HVAC System? Tips from Energy Star.

Not Sure What to do With Your HVAC System? Certain signs can indicate that you should start to consider replacing heating and cooling equipment. Replacing, improving and upgrading your home’s HVAC equipment can drastically aid the performance of your overall system and lower your monthly utility costs! If you are concerned with any of the points expressed below it may

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