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5 Types of HVAC Air Filters: Advantages & Disadvantages

Like any mechanical system, having your HVAC system (Heating- Ventilation- Air Conditioning) routinely serviced will pay dividends in the long run. A proper annual “tune up” will also satisfy and keep in place the manufacture’s equipment warranty. Much like changing the motor oil in your automobile, per the auto manufacturers recommendations, it’s important to continuously replace your HVAC filters and

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5 Signs Of a Air Conditioner (AC) Refrigerant Leak & Ways to Find It

You may enjoy warm summer nights, but most of us don’t want heat creeping into our air-conditioned living spaces. If your AC unit has started blowing warm air or your home feels humid, you may have a refrigerant leak. Here’s an important thing to know about your AC unit and refrigerant: a properly running system circulates and maintains the same

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How Does An Air Conditioner Work? Operational Steps & Tips

How Air Conditioning Units Work Your air conditioner and refrigerator work the same way! But instead of cooling just the small, insulated space inside of a refrigerator, an air conditioner cools a room, a whole house, or an entire business. An air conditioner works by circulating various types of refrigerant such as R-22 or R-410A. The refrigerant in a central

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7 Benefits of Investing in a Programmable Thermostat

It might seem like a little detail, but choosing a programmable thermostat that is compatible with your HVAC system is a major decision. There are a variety of different options on the market today, so how do you know which one is right for your heating and cooling equipment? At ServiceMark , we strongly recommend a programmable thermostat if energy

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Air Conditioner SEER & EER Ratings: Definitions & Advantages

When you’re in the process of purchasing a new air conditioner, you will see a big yellow sticker on the unit, telling you the efficiency rating of that specific system. These efficiency ratings play a vital role in determining how much the system costs to purchase and operate. The efficiency of a central air conditioning system is measured by its

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