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8 Things on Your Mid-Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

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Stay up to Date on Your Heating System Maintenance

  1.  Pay attention to changes in appliance and heating and cooling equipment performance.

Pay special attention to changes in appliance and equipment performance, as they can be early warning signs of larger problems. Troubleshoot and complete repairs as needed to improve energy efficiency and avoid costly repairs later. Never hesitate to call your award-winning HVAC experts at ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing to “nip” things in the bud and avoid expensive break downs!

  1.  Change the furnace or air handler air filter.

This should happen every three months, or more frequently, depending on the region and type of filter being employed. A fiberglass “throw-away” filter should be discarded and changed on a strict monthly basis. A media type filter can be changed every six months or so. A clean air filter is critical to home air quality and the proper furnace or air handler operation. Homeowners should periodically check the condition of the furnace or air handler filter to determine the frequency necessary for changing the filter in their homes.

  1.  Clean or replace the humidifier filter, if equipped.
  2.  Make sure registers are obstruction-free.

Drapes and furniture should be positioned at a considerable distance from the registers to enable proper airflow. Rugs should not touch the registers and dual top/bottom return air registers should be CLOSED ON THE TOP AND OPEN ON THE BOTTOM.

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  1.  Seal the exterior.

Gaps and holes in a home’s exterior will cause drafts and increased heating costs. Use expanding foam to seal exterior holes. Seal gaps around window and door frames with weather stripping and caulking.

  1.  Clean out dryer venting.

Use a long dryer vent cleaning brush to remove lint buildup from inside of the dryer through the outside venting. Lint buildup in dryer venting is an extreme fire risk. A thorough venting cleanout should happen at least once annually. The duct cleaning team at ServiceMark can include this service when cleaning your home’s ducting system.

  1.  Thoroughly clean the refrigerator’s condenser coils.

A savvy homeowner can pull the home’s refrigerator away from the wall and use a bristle brush to clear dust and dirt from the condenser coils; dirty coils will cause the refrigerator to have to work longer and will lead to premature wear and added operational expense.

  1.  Replace the refrigerator water filter, if equipped.

Refrigerator water filters should be replaced every six months or more frequently, which will result in better quality drinking water and ice.

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Don’t have time to do it yourself? Count on the HVAC technicians at ServiceMark to take good care of your heating system.

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