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Practical Solutions for Escaping the Heat

With the hot and humid weather of summer settling in very soon, we created a list of practical actions you can take to minimize the adverse effects of this season’s heat. Here are 15 cool ideas:

1 – Pattern your outside workouts to be completed in the cooler temperatures of early morning or evening hours

2 – Wear light-colored and loose-fitting clothing

3- Wear cotton-based materials, which will keep you cooler than most synthetics, because cotton naturally allows heat to escape from your body

4 – Fill a spray bottle with water and store it in your refrigerator, ready to spray and cool your skin instantly when you need it

5 – Use fans inside the home to keep air moving and help with the cooling effects of evaporation

6 – Store lotions and creams in the refrigerator to be ready to use on hot days

7 – Keep plastic bottles of water in the freezer ready to take with you on any outdoor trip. Remember to not fill bottles completely, allowing for ice expansion inside the bottles.

8 – When taking baths or showers, avoid using hot water

9 – Combat dehydration by drinking plenty of water, sports drinks, or other electrolyte sources

10 – Take a small battery-powered fan with you to use at outdoor sporting events

11 – Dip the crown of your summer hat or ball cap in ice water for a quick cool down

12 – Avoid alcohol and drinks containing caffeine that will promote dehydration

13 – Try eating lighter fare and avoid large, heavy meals

14 – Make sure your home’s air conditioning system is working properly BEFORE the heat wave hits

15 – Use common sense. Pay attention to elderly neighbors, and watch for any animals left outside or in cars. They are exceptionally prone to dehydration problems. Avoid excessively hot days by staying inside, or seeking cool shelter at the local shopping mall.

The warm summer weather brings us all back outside for all sorts of fun activities, but think ahead with water supplies, sun protection, and shade requirements. If you do experience problems with your home air conditioning system, contact ServiceMark Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing or schedule your appointment online.


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