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12 Common Sense Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

Keep Cool with these Tips for the Heat of Summer

Here at ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing, we strive to maintain, repair and replace faulty and inefficient home air conditioning systems. This helps us, and you, the homeowner, to avoid costly and bothersome service calls.

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We always try to provide FAST SERVICE in an emergency, but sometimes, especially during heat waves when older systems tend to break down, we cannot get to everyone who has requested our services on the same day they call. This is rare but can happen in unusual circumstances.

We do, however, promise to ALWAYS provide SAME DAY emergency service to those families that have secured one of our SERVICE PLANS!

But not all our valued customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with one of our custom service agreements! We wish they would call us and let us design a special customized plan that suits their needs, but unfortunately, many homeowners simply don’t have a plan and don’t fully realize the value of them until it’s too late.

With this in mind, your local air conditioning experts at ServiceMark want to remind you about a few common-sense considerations to follow in case of a lack of cool air.

First and foremost, call ServiceMark at 800-474-5200 and place a service request and please inform our customer service representative if there is a special health situation or circumstance that we should be aware of!

  • Be aware of the heat – pay attention to it and modify your activities appropriately.
  • Pay attention to your hydration status and be sure to drink plenty of fluids.
  • Try to stay in relatively cool areas, even when outside. Many public places, such as libraries, shopping malls, and movie theatres, are air-conditioned.
  • Avoid hot, enclosed places, such as cars. Never leave children, or pets, unattended in a car parked in the sun.
  • Use a fan, if available.
  • Stay on the lowest floor of your building.
  • Eat well-balanced, light and regular meals.
  • Wear loose-fitting, lightweight and light-colored clothing.
  • Cover windows that receive a significant amount of sun with drapes or shades to help keep your house cool.
  • Weather stripping and proper insulation will keep cool air inside your home.
  • Cool beverages are good for cooling down the body, while alcoholic drinks can impair the body’s ability to regulate its temperature.

7 Signs of Heat Overexposure

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  • Heavy sweating — though if heat stroke sets in, the body can no longer compensate and stops sweating.
  • Pale skin.
  • Muscle cramps.
  • Feeling tired and weak.
  • Altered mental status (confusion or disorientation).
  • Becoming semi-conscious or passing out.
  • Nausea or vomiting.

6 First Steps to Take After Recognizing Heat-Induced Illness

  • Call 911.
  • Get the person out of the sun and into a cool area. An air-conditioned area is ideal, but moving someone into the shade will also help.
  • Apply water to help the person cool off.
  • Apply ice to the neck or armpits, where large blood vessels are close to the surface.
  • Remove any heavy clothing.
  • Immerse the body in cool water, either at a swimming pool or in a bathtub.

Your friends at ServiceMark are always ready to provide emergency A/C service and hope you can use these practical common sense suggestions while waiting for our arrival.

Good news: You can avoid the trouble of a hot home with one of our service plans!

Service Plans

Please consider adding a service plan and call us to discuss what’s right for you. And, as always, thank you for your continuing trust and support.

Thank you to ABC News for the list of “Safety Tips for the Summer Heat Wave”.


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